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Journey into the world of wild animals called Zvjerići


Kenty Adria / Konzum

Zvjerići, developed for KONZUM supermarket in Croatia, is not just a customer loyalty reward program; it's a captivating journey into the world of Croatia's indigenous wildlife. Through stuffed animals and an engaging picture album, Zvjerići aims to educate children about local wild animals, their habitats, and their way of life. Children collect the pictures to fill in the missing spots in the album, getting to know the indigenous animals in a fun and engaging way.

The program introduces children to a charming cast of 7 characters, including the playful lynx Goran, the devilish otter Slavko, the singing wolf Anđa, the pilot extraordinaire Griffon Vulture Krešo, the wise owl Olga, the secretive Mediterranean seal Luce, and the quirky brown bear Đuro. All the animals are native to Croatia’s national parks.


What we did?

Our goal with Zvjerići was to spark children’s interest and care for local fauna and ignite their spirit of inquiry. We started with a logo that needed to capture the essence of wild life, so we made it fun and fluffy.


The real challenge was to design and create the animals. It all started with some simple hand-drawn sketches, turning them into color illustrations and finally breathing life into them through cuddly stuffed animals. We were particularly proud with bringing these little critters to life. Kids could hang out with their favorite characters in real life, getting up close and personal with Croatia’s wild side in the most huggable way possible!


Then, we designed a picture album that’s as fun as it is informative. Each animal in the album has its own story, packed with cool facts and a sprinkle of humor to keep everyone entertained. But that’s not all, we made some very fun games inside, like coloring book pages to get their creative juices flowing, an engaging board game, where they take their favorite animal on a wild adventure and many more.


The results

The project was a huge success that kept the kids and their parents entertained through many months. It was such a success we recreated the project in Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina as well. There were many marketing materials involved in the process, from TV commercials and outdoor advertising, to simple everyday items like flyers, t-shirts, bottles, towels etc.


We are very proud of this project and the lively personalities we’ve brought to each and every little animal.