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Preminger: Small victories deserve a big beer




Bihać Brewery is a local brand that had an outdated branding for its flagship product – Preminger beer. It suffered from a lack of compelling storytelling and positioning on the market.

Recognizing its untapped potential, we wanted to infuse the brand with character and establish it as a beacon of international beer excellence, steeped in tradition.

The challenge

Revamping Preminger Brewery and their signature Lager beer was quite the task! We had to give their logo and crest a much-needed facelift, brainstorm new packaging and label designs, create eye-catching outdoor ads, and come up with a bunch of creative ideas along the way.


We aimed to refresh the logo while preserving its traditional essence, infusing it with a modern touch to ensure its relevance in today’s market.



The design

Drawing inspiration from the brewery’s popularity among everyday enthusiasts, we came up with a tagline „Small victories deserve big beer“. This mantra became the cornerstone of our branding endeavor, inspiring every aspect of our design process.


From the sleek logo to maintaining traditional visual elements, our aim was clear: to celebrate the triumphs, large and small, that punctuate our lives, with each sip of Preminger beer serving as a testament to those moments.


Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of our audience, we have transformed Preminger Brewery into more than just a local brand; it’s now a symbol of pride and excellence, enjoyed by beer lovers internationally.



Additional design

We also met with a challenge to create a label design for their 2nd signature beer – Unski Biser. It’s a light beer, ranked among the highest quality lager beers, characterised by its fullness of taste, with a refreshing impression of recentness, and with a finely bitter final aroma. We wanted to capture that feeling with a complex fun label design.


Unski biser

As we raise our glasses to toast the success of the Preminger Beer, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared with Bihać Brewery. From the humble beginnings of an outdated branding to the triumphant unveiling of the revitalized Preminger beer, every step of this journey has been filled with creativity, collaboration, and small victories.


Our mission to infuse the brand with character and establish it as a beacon of international beer excellence has been realized, thanks to the dedication and passion of our team. With each sip of Preminger beer, we celebrate not only the rich tradition of Bihać Brewery but also the moments, large and small, that make life worth living. Here’s to the continued success and growth of Preminger Beer, a true testament to the power of small victories and big dreams. Cheers!