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RBA: Evolution of digital banking, in black and yellow

Raiffeisen Bank


Raiffeisen Bank

A decade ago, some time in 2014, we embarked on a journey that took us places we couldn’t even imagine and paved the way for dozens of highly successful and award winning fintech projects. Our collaboration and partnership with Raiffeisen Bank provided a perfect foundation to build upon and gave birth to our very own fintech team.

We say partnership because ten years later we like to think of Raiffeisen Bank as our long term partner, rather than a client. Working together on hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes, we engaged the digital revolution head-on and created meaningful digital products used by millions every day.


How did it all start?

Back in 2014 we were given a chance to make a leap. Not one of those giant leaps for mankind, we leave those to braver people than us, but a rather huge leap for our agency. Raiffeisen Bank Albania reached out, found our creative approach and our ideas refreshing and selected our agency to lead their digital banking (r)evolution.


The task? Redesign and reimagine their digital banking solutions and bring them to the next level. After a year of wireframing, iterations, development and regular trips to Albania, the Raiffeisen ON platform was ready for launch.


Raiffeisen Bank

The reactions were overwhelming. Not only was Raiffeisen ON received with great reviews, it single handedly changed the way internet banking was done in Albania and launched Raiffeisen Bank to top of the list when it comes to user experience.


Our collaboration didn’t stop there. In the years that followed we launched a number of equally successful projects, including the advanced interactive ATM experience, a mobile app and website for user acquisition, online loan applications, a number of landing pages and ultimately — a digital hub to unite all the digital products into one landing page.


The next step

The work we had done to that point did not go unnoticed in the Raiffeisen universe. At some point Raiffeisen Bank Serbia reached out to us and kickstarted a collaboration that turned out even more fruitful than the one we had with the Albanian subsidiary.


Working closely with our Serbian partners we launched a new mobile banking application and internet banking for private individuals and small business enterprises, winning the awards for best digital bank in Serbia for a few years in a row. 


After a year-long development cycle, in 2019 we launched a complete new corporate website for Raiffeisen Serbia, including websites for private individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. On top of that, we designed and fully developed a new website for private banking customers, thus completing a redesign for all banking sectors.


Raiffeisen Bank

And we were just getting started!

Soon afterwards we redesigned the ATM experience for both multifunctional and traditional ATMs, bringing the machines in line with the latest user experience trends and guidelines.


And we didn’t even mention the CRM dashboard and portal for bank’s employees, a number of landing pages and mini-sites as well as a complete overhaul of bank’s digital products, enabling customers to apply for loans, credit cards and other products from the comfort of their home, without visiting the branch.


Project after project our bond with Raiffeisen Bank Serbia grew exponentially and it was only natural that in recent years we expanded our collaboration to the social media realm, where we became the bank’s official social media agency, managing their marketing campaigns, creating content and engaging with customers.


Our work in the black and yellow world of Raiffeisen is far from done. With the introduction of new Raiffeisen brand guidelines we are in the process of redesigning the mobile banking and bringing many other parts of its digital banking universe in line with the new look. 


We can’t wait to see where this partnership will take us next.