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Puppies: When you need tinder, but you are a dog

Puppies Tinder for dogs

The era of social media has touched every single aspect of our lives. It defines and influences how we eat, drink, what we wear, where we go out, how we vote, what shampoo we use and music we enjoy. 

Social media has changed everything about our lives, for good or for worse, even the way we meet new people and make highly personal decisions, like who we want to date. Instead of real life social interactions we swipe left or right endlessly, in hope we will one day find the soulmate we’re all looking for.


But what if you’re a dog? 


You might try tinder and find out that women don’t find eating poop, digging holes or chasing cats particularly appealing. Or that men aren’t really fond of all that extra hair. Is there really no way to find a soulmate in this dog eat dog world anymore?


Of course there is! Introducing Puppies, a social media app for dogs and their owners which was so much fun to design and develop. Even though we usually describe it as tinder for dogs, it is so much more than that.


As a dog owner, you can connect and socialize with other dog owners or breeders who have interest in a particular breed. You can give away or adopt a new puppy and expand your happy family, or you can sell or buy purebread puppies of all sorts. 


Ultimately, if your dog needs a mate, you can “swipe right” and connect with other dogs of the same breed which ultimately leads to more puppies and more potential users of our mobile app.


All you need to do is go through a charming onboarding process and create a profile for your dog(s) and socializing can begin. If your search has been successful and you have found a match, you can engage in a direct chat and smooth out the details.


It’s not every day you get a project like this that is both charming and fun at the same time, that makes you meet and solve every challenge with a smile on your face. We hope we were successful and that many furballs will find mates they can wag their tails at.