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Qatar Play-time:
A game-changing experience

Play-time Qatar


Kenty Adria / Konzum

Introducing Qatar Play-time: an exhilarating game capturing the excitement of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Created exclusively for the Konzum Supermarket chain in Croatia and Serbia, Qatar Play-time invites players to collect football player cards and complete their albums. With each purchase, customers receive free cards, adding to the thrill of building their collection.

Qatar Play-time swiftly captivated audiences of all ages, from enthusiastic children and teenagers to spirited adults, igniting a fervor for football that swept across nations.

Pregame warmup

Our challenge was monumental: to craft the entire branding for Qatar Play-time from scratch. From creating a captivating logo to designing the distinct appearance of all player cards, the album, and various marketing materials, every aspect demanded meticulous attention.


With the ambitious goal of producing 162 unique player cards, each featuring detailed photos, essential information, and stats, we embarked on a journey of creativity and precision. A lot of precision. The task was demanding, but our passion for excellence and dedication to delivering a standout experience for players and fans alike drove us forward every step of the way.


Play-time Qatar


To kick things off, we conceptualized a logo that encapsulated the essence of Play-time: simple yet striking. With the foundation laid, we delved into the design of the player cards and album, daring to push the boundaries of creativity.


Among the 162 unique cards, we introduced special captain cards for each nation, each boasting a distinctive appearance. Additionally, we introduced four special cards—“Respect,” “Team Play,” “Sport Spirit,” and “Aim to Win”—each embodying essential values of the game. To enhance the educational aspect of the experience, we included informative texts within the album itself.


With the core designs established, we expanded our creative horizons, crafting captivating collateral such as shoe-bags, card boxes, and eye-catching flyers to complement the Play-time experience.


Play-time Qatar

The final whistle

As the final whistle blew on our Qatar Play-time journey, we stood proud, having transformed a simple idea into a captivating reality.


We poured our hearts and souls into every detail, ensuring that each element resonated with the spirit of the game. With our innovative approach and commitment to excellence, we didn’t just create a game – we crafted an experience.


We are delighted to have been part of this project. All the cards collected and exchanged are still out there, reminding us that the spirit of the game transcends its final whistle.