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Nordeus Unleashed: Designing a Vibrant Journey for Press Play 2022




Nordeus is a mobile gaming company from Belgrade, Serbia fueled by the passion and creativity of a multicultural team of more than 200 people. They're the masterminds behind the great mobile game Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager.

In 2022 Nordeus embarked on a journey with the Press Play team building event in Rovinj. It was our pleasure to collaborate with them, bringing our creative expertise to the table to craft a vivid branding experience for this memorable occasion.

The challenge

When we first embarked on this design journey, we were met with a challenge: a generic logo and a blank canvas awaiting our creative touch. With our creative juices flowing, we envisioned a vibrant, lively, and dynamic solution that not only captured the essence of Nordeus but also celebrated the spirit of the occasion.


The design

We kicked things off by giving their logo a fun makeover, turning it into a lively, party-ready version that set the tone for the festivities ahead. With a vibrant spectrum of colors and whimsical free-flowing shapes leading the way, each element found its place, weaving together to create a cohesive and dynamic experience.


We crafted everything from eye-catching outdoor signs to stylish bags, posters and flyers, wristbands etc. We also integrated the essence of Rovinj into the t-shirt design, blending the event’s branding with the charm and character of the city itself.


Each design element was infused with passion and creativity, ensuring that every detail reflected the excitement and energy of that weekend in Rovinj.


From the early days of brainstorming to the final moments of the event, our collaboration was fueled by passion, creativity, and a shared sense of adventure. Together, we transformed a simple logo into a vibrant symbol of celebration, infused with the spirit of Rovinj and the energy of the occasion.