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Neos - A decade of transformative collaboration




For over 10 years, Neos has been more than just a client; they've been our partner in innovation and growth. Together, we've embarked on a journey of redefining their brand identity, from refreshing their logo to designing stationary and brochures, and crafting captivating booth displays. As Neos flourished, so did our collaboration, extending to designing a new look of their offices and the creation of a cutting-edge website and digital assets.

As a multi-awarded Oracle Platinum partner specializing in BI, BigData, EPM solutions, and App Dev, Neos stands at the forefront of technological advancement. Their accolades speak volumes, including the prestigious title of the best business analytics company in the world in 2015.

Logo and branding

When we first joined forces with Neos, their logo and branding felt like relics from another era. It was clear we needed to shake things up and propel them into the modern landscape. So, we rolled up our sleeves, took their old logo, and started drawing new ideas. The result? A sleek, contemporary logo that not only catches the eye but also speaks volumes about Neos’ evolution. With a fresh branding overhaul, we helped catapult their business to new heights.


Office space

With the new branding identity as our cornerstone, we embarked on a journey to extend Neos’ new look across every touchpoint of their business. From stationery to signage, we left no stone unturned. Yet, it was in transforming their office spaces that the branding came really alive. We’re immensely proud of the vibrant, inviting environment we crafted, which not only reflect Neos’ identity but also inspire all who enter.



Web site

When we set out to create new Neos’ website, we knew it had to be more than just another online presence. Our goal was clear: to create dynamic, captivating platform that would not only be easy to navigate but also stand above the competition. By integrating the new branding, we infused the website with personality and charm, making it an irresistible digital destination.


Despite its creation a few years back, the website continues to shine, standing the test of time and driving business growth for Neos.