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Vojvođanska banka: Innovative Mobile banking

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Vojvođanska banka


Vojvođanska banka

When you’ve used a few mobile banking apps in your day-to-day life, you feel like you’ve seen it all and there’s nothing that can surprise you or make you switch. And yet, with Vojvođanska banka Mobile we still managed to bring in a little bit of innovation into their customers’ every day banking routine.

Vojvođanska banka approached us with a desire to completely refresh their outdated mobile app, rooted in last generation trends and design guidelines and without proper support for modern mobile phones and their big screens.


During the discovery and deep analysis phase, we realized that on top of all the usual bells and whistles like card and account management and payments, we can make a step forward and implement some features that are not usually found in a mobile banking app.


A few brainstorming sessions later the concept of Money Feed was born. Instead of logging into the usual account overview or a simple dashboard with an overview of your cards and accounts, we implemented a feed similar to those in social media applications, with all the most important events regarding your finances available in one place.


Vojvođanska banka

Money Feed enabled customers to log into their mobile banking and immediately see the overview of latest events, such as latest incoming transactions, outgoing transactions, payments due for loans or credit cards, incoming messages, as well as personalized offers from the bank.


On top of that, we designed two different views for the Money Feed, giving users the ability to choose between the two and customize their experience to their liking.


With Money Feed we accomplished our goal of always trying to give something extra in every fintech project we do. But it would never have been possible without trying to think outside the box and without an open mind from the client. 


When those two things align, only sky is the limit.