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Leonus Digital: Complete turn-key online banking solution


ABC Tech

Designing, developing and implementing online banking solutions can be a complicated, time-consuming and costly endeavor. Turn-key solutions such as Leonus Digital Banking aim to change the narrative and offer lightning fast implementation and significantly shorter time to market.

Every bank has been there. Weighing between the necessities of offering modern digital banking products and the often high cost of development and lengthy implementation periods. It’s not an easy decision to make.


Leonus Digital is a comprehensive and highly customizable online banking platform, offering banks a unique opportunity to become neo banks and embrace the modern features at just a fraction of time and money needed for implementation.


With our partners from ABC Tech we designed and developed an all-in-one cloud-ready digital banking platform, consisting of a core banking engine, digital banking channels and a financial advisory platform. 


With a modular approach and high level of customization and configurability, Leonus Digital and its mobile and e-banking applications ensure that banking is available to customers any time, anywhere and on any device.


The mobile banking and web banking solutions provide easy onboarding procedures, accounts and cards management, 3rd party integrations, AI based behavior predictions and full support for open banking services such as SEPA and PSD2. 


Featuring a superb and modern user experience, Leonus Digital turns every device into a virtual branch. Most importantly, it gives banks the tools to start and scale up, with the ability to choose the modules they need and customize them to their needs.


Whether it’s the mobile wallet functionality or a full-blown digital banking solution, Leonus Digital can be the solution for both for the industry newcomers and for the incumbents entering the digital arena of the financial services industry.