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Led Elektronika


Led elektronika

Step into the digital radiance of LED Elektronika. We've crafted a modern, unique website with engaging animations and a captivating 3D model of streets, perfectly showcasing their expertise in road electronics.

What was our job?

Founded in 2002, LED Elektronika is one of the most prominent companies in the road electronics field in Croatia. Design, production, installation and maintenance of road electronics, telematics and LED lighting systems are all part of their offer. They make sure our cities are glowing with light and they wanted to exhibit their hard work in digital form as well. So, while they were taking care of lightning up our cities, we took care of their digital persona.


And to be honest, we had a pretty tough job. New website needed to be different, to give users something modern and bold. We accepted the challenge and started digging through the infinite lines of code. Whole project was done in PHP and for CMS we used WordPress. New web contains a lot of animations and to harmonize them and adjust their timing we used CSS and GSAP. Results are awesome, smooth and fluent animations.

3D model

In order to directly communicate to users what LED elektronika is all about, we decided to add a 3D model of roads and streets to the homepage. To implement them and manipulate them we used Three.js and finally, we got a really cool feature which makes the web unique and different.


In conclusion, we lit their new web just as they lit our streets!