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From Outdated to Outstanding (ECG)



ECG electro

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, ECG develops electronics and home appliances that not only meet the current demands of their customers but also exceed their expectations. Their goal is simple: to offer user-friendly products that enhance everyday life, without compromising on affordability.

Drawing inspiration from customer feedback and the latest market trends, they strive to deliver products that are not only functionally advanced but also visually appealing.

ECG holds a special place among our long-term clients, with whom we've forged a partnership aimed at achieving recognition and enhancing sales. Through our collaborative efforts, including the design of a new logo, web site, web shop and packaging designs, we've propelled ECG into the spotlight, elevating their brand presence and driving growth in their sales figures.

The challenge

ECG found themselves at a crossroads with their outdated branding, realizing the need for a significant makeover to keep up with the times. Their packaging simply didn’t catch the eye on store shelves, and their website felt like a relic from a bygone era. We couldn’t just facelift the branding, we had to innovate and introduce fresh ideas to truly make an impact.




Every detail – from the sleek logo to the vibrant packaging and engaging web site – is infused with a personal touch and crafted with utmost care. Our journey began with a blank canvas, where we poured our hearts into transforming every aspect of the brand. Recognizing the need to stand out amidst fierce competition, we focused on making the new logo shine.


Alongside the logo, we developed a versatile branding and tagline, “My way of home,” which could be personalized and adapted for different categories of the brand, such as “Your way of living”, “Your way of cooking”, etc.




Next, our attention turned to crafting packaging that would truly resonate with everyday consumers, captivating them with its appeal. Recognizing the importance of differentiation within product categories, we employed a variety of colors to make it easier for customers to identify and select their desired items.


Over time, we’ve created hundreds of packages, each one a testament to our commitment to evolution and staying current with the times. And as consumer preferences continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to adapting and innovating, ensuring that the packaging always stands out on the shelves.



Web site and Web shop

Finally, we designed and developed a user-friendly web site and web shop, providing a seamless experience for customers to navigate and purchase their desired products effortlessly.