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Fintense: Transforming Banks into Digital Leaders



NF Innova

Have you ever been frustrated with your bank because it makes you use its outdated mobile and internet banking solution? Ever wondered why it takes so long to bring modern features and a good user experience to their existing apps? Part of the answer lies in complexity, time and ultimately — expenses.

Development of banking solutions is usually a long and winding road that often leads to unknown hiccups and outcomes. Implementations can take forever and by the time you’re completely done with the new solution, some of its parts might already be outdated.


Banks are huge corporate enterprises with lots of departments and moving parts that have to come together and iron out all the issues that stand in the way. That usually takes time, and time equals money.


Meet Fintense

To solve the problem of time (and money), together with our friends and partners from NF Innova we created Fintense, a ready-made digital banking platform that supports banks looking for fast transformation into digital leaders.



Created from the ground up, Fintense is a paramount result of our experience in the fintech industry and numerous projects spanning dozens of banks on multiple continents. It is a cloud-based, opti-channel solution that features fast implementation, great user experience and modern design.


It is completely configurable and easy to adapt and customize to match the brand guidelines of any bank or any customer segment. And above all, Fintense is incredibly easy to implement and offers an unmatched time to market of as little as three to six months, depending on the amount of features and modules used.


Fintense supports banks and financial institutions of all sizes, runs natively from cloud, has a built-in PSD2-compliant Open Banking API layer, a built-in personal finance management system with automatic expense categorization and it is available on web, mobile, wearables, kiosks, ATMs and chatbots.


So what did we do?

We think of Fintense as a wonderful brain child of fruitful cooperation between our partners at NF Innova and our design and development team. It all started back in 2020 when, as all good parents do, we gave the platform its name and immediately after that started working on its branding.


With logo and branding materials completed it was time for the real deal. We designed and developed the front-end for the entire mobile banking and internet banking application, with all the features you’d expect from the modern banking solution. 


Ultimately, after it was all done, we designed and developed a Fintense website, letting the world know what it can do. 


Our child was ready to enjoy life.


What’s next for Fintense?

Since its birth in 2020, Fintense digital banking platform has been successfully implemented in four banks, with more banks already lined up to upgrade in months and years to come. The implementations included full customization and adaptation of platform’s design and features to accommodate each of the banks’ brand guidelines and processes.


We have no doubt — the future is bright for Fintense. With more and more banks realizing the advantages and benefits of its fast time to market and cloud-based nature, we can’t wait to see where it will take us next. With each iteration we improve, upgrade and update the platform’s design to meet the demands of the fast moving fintech world.