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Creating a mobile reading paradise with Eden books

Eden Books


Eden Books

The omnipresence of the internet has heralded a profound transformation in the way we engage with media, reshaping the very fabric of our informational landscape. Gone are the days of passive consumption, replaced by an era of unprecedented interactivity and accessibility.

From the advent of streaming platforms revolutionizing how we watch videos to the democratization of news distribution through social media, the internet has dismantled traditional barriers, placing a wealth of content at our fingertips.


E-books and digital publishing have granted authors newfound avenues to reach global audiences. In this digital age, boundaries blur as individuals become both consumers and creators, navigating a vast and interconnected web of information unlike anything witnessed before.


Those who sleep on the new trends will often get left behind, while those who recognize the value of these new channels of consumption have potential to thrive. So it was with great excitement that we accepted the challenge of Eden Books, a mobile app which enables you to create your own reading paradise, wherever you are.


Our job was to create a digital mobile platform that puts the wealth of content from one of the biggest regional book stores into the palm of your hand and combine it with an e-reader and social features to enjoy reading with your friends.


Eden Books

The Execution

It took a year of hard work in planning, designing and developing the app, but it was all worth it for pure enjoyment of seeing it grow with every new download and every new feedback from the app’s day-to-day users.


In every project there are efforts and values involved that are impossible to express with numbers, but the numbers we do have can tell a pretty good story by themselves. We designed over 120 mobile screens, incorporating more than 1200 book titles from the bookstore, and inside six months the app had more than 100.000 registered users.


Eden Books

The app featured a fully searchable book store with user ratings, comments, ability to purchase books, add them to your wishlist or send them as gifts. We implemented a fully functional, state of the art e-reader so customers could start reading just seconds after purchasing a book. 


To top it off, we implemented a number of social features, such as adding friends, completing achievements and a chat functionality to discuss your latest reading endeavors with your friends and other members of the Eden Books universe.


Whether you just wanted to browse the book store, check the best-selling charts in multiple categories or share your reading experiences, Eden Books offered a true next-gen reading experience at the palm of your hand.