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Crafting Excellence with Wild Boar: The Art of Rakija


Wild Boar

Rakija, rakia, rachiu, raki or rakiya is the collective term for fruit spirits popular in the Balkans. Crafted through the fermentation and distillation of fruits, Rakija boasts an alcohol content of 40% or more.

Rakija is the most popular spirit in Croatia. Wild Boar distills one of the finest Rakijas in the country. They have won gold medals and are recognized for their distinctive approach to distilling this famous alcoholic beverage. Despite being a small-scale operation, Wild Boar upholds the highest standards of quality, ensuring each batch of Rakija is a testament to their expertise.

The challenge

Entrusted with the task of creating the logo and overall branding, as well as the visual identity of each fruit spirit, we faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated market. Our aim was to capture the essence of Rakija – the lingering warmth and flavor that envelops the senses post-sip. As every bottle of Rakija is crafted with love and care, it was imperative that each design reciprocate and reflect this sentiment in equal measure.


Logo design

Featuring sharp lines and a powerful bull’s head atop, the logo symbolizes strength and resilience. But beyond its fierce appearance, it speaks to our primal instincts and adventurous side, reminding us of our connection to the wild. In essence, the Wild Boar logo is not just a symbol; it’s a reflection of our adventurous spirit and our desire to explore and conquer the untamed nature.


Wild Boar

Label design

Opting for transparency in our label design was a deliberate choice, mirroring the colorless nature of Rakija. Drawing inspiration from the bountiful forests, we crafted a label that exudes playfulness and dynamism, with vibrant illustrations of fruits and woodland creatures. Each design element is meticulously curated to reflect the distinct flavor profile of every Rakija variant.


In addition to showcasing the natural ingredients, we incorporated whimsical illustrations that evoke the spirit of indulgence and liveliness associated with Rakija. Furthermore, by employing a spectrum of colors for each flavor variant, we aimed to facilitate effortless recognition for consumers navigating the array of choices offered by Wild Boar.


Disclaimer: We were not drunk while creating this design. But we did have „a taste“ after it was done. You should have some, too.


Juice label design

We wanted to have some fun, so we decided to design a series of concept labels for different flavors of organic juice. We used previously established branding and seamlessly integrated it into an organic juice label.