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Rethinking the AZ Retirement Fund Mobile App

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AZ fund


AZ Retirement Fund

There comes a time in our lives when thoughts about retirement become a reality and it’s never too early to start planning. And planning is so much easier if you have a beautifully crafted mobile app in the palm of your hand.

Our collaboration with AZ Fund, one of the largest Croatian retirement funds, has already given birth to a beautiful new website in recent years, so it was no big surprise when the good people of AZ dialed our number and told us they wanted to take it a step further.


This time, the goal was to rethink and redesign their outdated mobile app, which did not satisfy the high standards of AZ and basically had not received an update for a long time. The app was not properly optimized for new devices and it lacked lots of quality of life improvements and features.


The Challenge

The goal of the new app was to implement a one stop solution for customers to sign up for retirement funds, manage their funds, review transactions, set up monthly payments and stay in touch with latest news and updates.


We were tasked with seamlessly incorporating two apps in one — one for existing customers and members of the AZ Fund and the other for new customers who wanted to find more information about benefits and ultimately register for a retirement fund.


Working closely with our friends from AZ we set out to design a new, modern user interface with a highly engaging user experience. From the sleek KYC process and registration, to viewing and managing your funds, everything was designed with the end-user in mind.


AZ fund

Once completed, the design was meticulously developed by our front-end and back-end teams and seamlessly incorporated into the AZ core system. On top of that we implemented a payment system so members could make direct payments through the app, without the need for third party applications.


The Results

The new AZ app was successfully launched to Google Play and App Store in 2022 and has since found its way to thousands of user devices. In close collaboration with AZ we have been updating it with new features ever since, including the currency conversion from Croatian Kunas to Euros in 2023.


With the experiences gathered through working on this app and the website, we are excited to see where our collaboration with AZ Fund will take us next.