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Auto Zubak: A road to digital Makeover

Auto Zubak


Auto Zubak

Experience the transformation of Auto Zubak's outdated website into a modern, user-centric platform that not only captured users' attention but also led to a significant surge in engagement, online orders, and service requests.

Our mission

Auto Zubak is one of the leading car dealerships in Croatia. At one point, they realized their website is outdated and that is something that’s been stopping their business progress. They needed a quality solution and that’s where we entered the story.


Old page had an outdated design and poor responsiveness and potential for bigger business success was obviously there. While modernizing the design, we also needed to work on a few specific goals: improvement of informing users about services, but also making orders and direct sales via the new website.


Auto Zubak

Auto Zubak website needed restructuring, new functionalities and a new look. And we delivered everything. Both frontend and backend did an awesome job. While creating the new web, special attention was paid to UX/UI design, but also to different use cases, which we recognized as the most important for the website’s goals (sales and maintenance of vehicles). Also, we took care of SEO optimization to reach higher organic ranking. New page was exciting, with modern design and improved accessibility and reliability.


Auto Zubak

We were satisfied, but what about the users?

But did the users love it? After 5 months on the new website, results were mindblowing! Page views increased for 150% and average session duration increased for 90% which means that users loved spending time on the new website. Number of organic impressions was 770.00 and organic clicks jumped to 50.000 which is a 30% increase.


The main reason the client wanted a new webpage was to improve business and don’t you doubt if that happened! More than 1500 users wanted to buy a car and the website generated more than 1000 online orders and requests for a car service. Calls and e-mail interactions both rose astonishingly and if we need to sum up the whole work in just two words, they would be: mission completed!