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Getting things right with AIK Banka

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AIK Banka

The complexities of redesigning an online banking experience are the main reason banks take so much time between iterations. Having that in mind, in our approach to every fintech project we always feel it is of great importance to get things right and we strive to make the web and mobile banking apps both appealing and easy to use, not just for the existing customers, but for the new ones as well.

Redesigning the AIK banka online banking experience was no different. Upgrading an outdated online banking experience that overstayed its welcome meant that this time we needed to get things right. It was all hands on deck from day one.


In preparation for the project we were faced with a number of obstacles, one being that the bank was in the middle of a rebranding process without finalized branding guidelines to refer to. Fortunately, we were able to obtain enough of the new visual language to apply it to the final designs, with some tweaks along the road.


More importantly, we would like to thank the bank and our partners from NF Innova for being open to our proposals and advice and for adopting the changes to original wireframes that we recommended. 


We were given complete freedom to create a banking solution based on our expertise and experience in the field, respectful of all the valuable feedback from the bank. Having the support and confidence of your client and business partners always goes a long way and it inspires us to go the extra mile.


In the end, modernizing AIK Banka’s digital channels has been a blast and it emphasized the importance of getting things right.