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Shake the fake: Journey to Authentic Holiday Experiences

Shake the Fake

Capturing the true essence of holidays was our main idea while creating the integrated campaign "Shake the Fake" which we made for A1 Croatia, one of the biggest telco providers in Croatia and a leader in responsible technology use. Encouraging users to ditch filters and showcase authentic holiday experiences was at the core of our approach.

How did we do that?

To bring this integrated campaign to life, we decided to create a dedicated microsite, partner with influencers and connect with news portals. Now, let’s explore the specifics.


The microsite was actually a contest in which users could participate in four different categories. In the first category users could upload their photos and in the second they got a chance to share their imperfect story with us through the comments. We invited them to Shake the Fake, to leave all the filters out of their photos and show us how holidays really look through their eyes. The best part was that they could take a photo, really shake the phone which transformed the fake photos into authentic ones.


Third category was dedicated to BeReal, an app that fitted perfectly to our campaign: it encourages users to be themselves and not to use filters. We were one of the first Croatian brands to use it in a creative campaign. Final category was actually an offline-to-online transition that occurred through Go2Digital. Users could take photos in front of Go2Digital screens, upload them and collect votes.


But we didn’t stop there. Beyond unveiling the campaign on A1’s Social Media channels, we enlisted influencers to amplify our message, and news portals covered the entire narrative.


Shake the Fake

The results

The response was nothing short of incredible. The campaign achieved over 5 million impressions across all channels, with our website attracting more than 338,000 visits. The microsite received 3,000 photo uploads and 1,000 of them came from BeReal. Users embraced the concept, casting over 34,000 votes and driving more than 40,000 interactions on the Shake The Fake website – exceeding our KPI by an impressive 180%.


In essence, the campaign was a triumph, resonating with people and affirming our belief: imperfection is part of the charm, so shake the fake and embrace authenticity!