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Riding the crypto wave: Aument style



ABC Tech

These days it seems impossible to spell fintech without crypto. Blockchain and crypto currencies have been a constant presence in the world of financial technology, constantly reminding us they’re here to stay. 

It’s a highly volatile world where nothing seems certain, but the appeal is irresistible and the demand only seems to grow exponentially. So naturally, when we were given a chance to partner up with our friends from ABC Tech and work on a crypto startup based around the Aument token, we jumped at it.


The challenge

The task was to create a platform that represents an ecosystem of backend services, web and mobile applications and 3rd party integrations which would provide trading and management functionalities for the Aument token, along with additional valuable functionalities. 


While our partners from ABC Tech were responsible for the content management system, the middleware as backbone of the platform, and the 3rd party integrations with crypto exchanges and payment providers, our job was to design the client oriented web and mobile applications used for trading, access to coin prices and information and finally the integrated mobile wallet.


ABC Tech Aument

The result

Opting for a beautiful black and gold color scheme we designed a comprehensive mobile app for iOS and Android, which included a complete KYC and registration process for new users and a fully functional wallet with trading and crypto exchange capabilities.


To complement the mobile app, we created a responsive web application which included all the above mentioned features and followed the same visual language. The platform was finally ready for onboarding of new customers, who could use both the mobile and web applications to trade and manage their crypto currencies.


ABC Tech Aument

The realms of cryptocurrency and startups share a striking resemblance, both characterized by a dynamic landscape rife with uncertainty and volatility. In these arenas, every day brings forth new challenges and opportunities, akin to navigating uncharted waters. However, within this turbulence lies immense potential and innovation.


And who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?