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Dora: Reimagining tradition for a modern audience

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Dora is a Croatian television music competition show where the nation decides which song will represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Dora is a traditional name for the competition first used in 1995. Over the years, Dora has evolved in format and presentation, but its main objective remains the same: to showcase the best of Croatian music and talent on the international stage of Eurovision.

The challenge

The original logo comprised both a symbol and typography. The symbol featured an illustrated statue portraying the Lady of Sinj, symbolizing her dual role as a heavenly and earthly queen, embodying qualities of goodness, love, and mercy.


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where sleekness and simplicity are crucial, it’s essential to ensure that typography remains relevant and effectively communicates the intended message. Therefore, while nostalgic, the typography of yesteryears may not always align with the demands and expectations of modern design sensibilities.



Updating the old logo was no small feat; we were entrusted with the challenge of crafting a design that struck a balance between modernity and tradition. We couldn’t stray too far from the original concept, yet we needed to infuse it with a fresh, timeless appeal. We faced a real struggle with the typography – it just wasn’t easy on the eyes. But we knew we had to make a bold change.


The design

To modernize the logo while maintaining tradition, we streamlined the symbol, removing extraneous details to achieve simplicity without sacrificing its essence. Then, we selected a fresh typography that complemented the new symbol harmoniously.


Both the symbol and typography were crafted to be versatile, available in two variations: as sleek line art or vibrant color fills. Adding a tagline below ensured visual balance and completed our vision for the revitalized logo.



The updated logo was well received across the nation and has become a cherished part of the Croatian TV music competition show, gracing screens year after year with pride.


We take great pride in this project, and there’s something truly special about seeing our work light up the TV screen.