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Green Tree Villas

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Green Tree Villas


Green Tree

The Green Tree Villas presents their offerings as a luxury and sustainable vacation option in Istria, Croatia. They emphasize the harmony between luxury and sustainability, with villas designed to blend into the natural environment. Key features include the use of renewable energy sources, green roofs, and saltwater pools to minimize their environmental impact. The site highlights the tranquil location, private pools, and terraces of the villas, alongside amenities like saunas, gyms, and an aromatic garden.

The challenge

The challenge in building a brand for Green Tree Villas likely involved aligning their luxury offerings with a strong commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the branding communicates both the high-end experience and the environmental consciousness that characterizes their villas. This dual focus necessitates a careful balance in messaging to appeal to eco-conscious travelers seeking premium accommodations without compromising on comfort or sustainability principles.


Welcome to green serenity

The solution to branding Green Tree Villas involved creating a cohesive identity that effectively marries luxury with sustainability. This was achieved through a focused narrative that highlights the villas’ seamless integration into the natural landscape, the use of eco-friendly materials and practices, and the provision of high-end amenities that cater to the eco-conscious luxury traveler. The branding strategy communicates this unique proposition through visual and textual content that resonates with the target audience’s values and desires.


Green Tree Villas

Web site

The new website for Green Tree Villas is designed to reflect the brand’s core values of luxury and sustainability. With an intuitive layout and rich visual content, it offers a seamless user experience, showcasing the villas’ amenities and the natural beauty of Istria. The website effectively communicates the unique proposition of eco-conscious luxury living, inviting visitors to explore the accommodations and services offered, emphasizing the blend of high-end comfort with environmental responsibility. For more details, please visit


From the Client

At Green Tree Villas, we take sustainability seriously. Our villas are thoughtfully designed with sustainable principles in mind, using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and rainwater collection systems. Our green roofs provide natural insulation and comfort while our saltwater pools are both eco-friendly and easier on the skin. Experience the best of both worlds at Green Tree Villas. With Mater we make a perfect collaboration for a future communication.