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Eugen: Healthcare in your pocket



In a world where borders blur and individuals traverse continents, healthcare accessibility becomes paramount, especially for expatriates. Eugen platform was tailored specifically for French expatriates, revolutionizing healthcare access wherever they roam.

The advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) has transcended industries including the realm of healthcare. Mobile applications have emerged as indispensable tools for medical professionals and patients worldwide.


Enter Eugen, a dedicated medical network of healthcare professionals where at the tap of a finger users can get access to doctors, ensuring quality care is never out of reach. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a request for hospitalization, Eugen app was designed to swiftly connect patients with their trusted doctors, bringing peace of mind to the palm of their hand.


Featuring easily searchable network of doctors and in-app payments provided by 3rd party tools, Eugen brought unparalleled convenience and efficacy, bridging the gap between patients and practitioners.


But the innovation did not stop there. 


Behind the scenes we designed and developed a robust admin web application, a command center empowering administrators to orchestrate the platform’s every facet with precision. 
In this virtual control room administrators were able to manage the mobile app’s content seamlessly, adding or removing doctors, updating vital information, and overseeing user interactions. 


Together, our mobile and web applications formed a symbiotic ecosystem providing a unique healthcare accessibility for those in need.