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Journey to the Stars: Crafting the Etraverse


Ever dreamt of playing cosmic creator? Well, strap in, because when the awesome crew over at Etranet Group buzzed us up, we got handed the keys to universe-building paradise.

First, let’s talk Etranet Group — they’re all about shaking up the payments game with a smorgasbord of slick solutions. We’re talking everything from payment apps to loyalty programs and ticketing wizardry.


But here’s the kicker — they wanted to crank things up a notch. Cue us, swooping in to sprinkle some creative magic and give their offerings a serious glow-up. And by “creating a universe from scratch,” we’re talking about crafting a whole new galaxy called Etraverse — a hub of eight mobile and web apps, each packing a punch with its own special sauce.


Etranet Group put their trust in our creative mojo, giving us free rein to whip up some killer names and slick logos for each app. It was like playing matchmaker, but for brands. Once that was locked in, it was off to the races.


First up? Crafting the mother ship — a slick admin platform, mission control for the Etraverse Suite. Think adding and booting up companies, tinkering with user settings, and making sure everything’s running smoother than a well-oiled machine. Oh, and did we mention we jazzed it up with both light and dark modes? Because, y’know, options.


With the backstage sorted, it was showtime for the stars of the show — the mobile apps! So far we’ve cranked out three babies from the Etraverse Suite:


  • Bills: Your one-stop cash shop for merchants, with all the bells and whistles for managing transactions and ringing up sales faster than you can say “cash or card?”
  • Etra Pay: A POS powerhouse for Android devices, ready to team up with Nexgo and Ingenico ETFPOS devices for seamless payment wizardry.
  • Spark: Your electric car’s new bestie, guiding you to the nearest charging spots and letting you juice up with ease — all with the tap of a screen.


But hey, our work’s far from over. We’ve got more apps in the pipeline, ready to sprinkle some stardust on the Etraverse universe.


And just like that, the cosmos keeps on expanding…