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Non Stop Social: Meet the Heroes of Social Media

Heroes of Social


A1 Croatia

Non Stop Social was the name of the offer which A1 Croatia offered to its users. It included free unlimited data for five different social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok. Of course, teens and youngsters were primary target groups so we needed to find a way to present this offer to them.

The challenge

Our first task on digital was to engage users and get them vibing with the brand. That’s the part where Heroes of Social got on the stage. It’s a digital project which had one idea: find users who are the best on each of five mentioned networks.


Heroes of Social

What we came up with

We developed a microsite which was accessible only on smartphones in order to emphasize mobile usage and our creative team came up with five different characters. Each one of them represented one network and one game. Main feature of every game revolves around the main feature of the app itself. In each game users had to show different skills in order to win a prize so we tested them in fast typing and tapping, memory games and solving a photo puzzle.


Did the crowd love it? Apparently, YES! We had 18.177 played games and 3.616 registered users on the website with the average usage time of 5,5 minutes. The games were a hit, and with a bounce rate of just 31%, it’s clear users were feeling the vibe.


A1’s offer wasn’t just promoted; it was a digital fiesta, and users loved every moment.  From the start, we believed that we had a great campaign and numbers at the end confirmed our thoughts.